Parents & Spectators
How you can be a part of their game.

    Parents and spectators are encouraged to attend The Front 9 Tour events. Spectator carts are available for rent at the host facilities discretion.
Cost is determined by the host facility. Golf Cart rules must be followed at all times. We ask that you please adhere to the following
policies while attending The Front 9Tour Events.

Event Policies

  • Walk or ride only on the cart paths or roughs where cart paths are not accessible. Always be aware of the group behind you.

  • DO NOT talk to the players as this action may be construed as giving advice, resulting in a penalty to the player.

  • DO NOT attempt to give rulings! It is the fellow playing partner's responsibility to make a ruling in the absence of a Tour official or a course Marshall.

  • Spectators are encouraged to inform the Front 9 Tour Tournament Coordinators immediately of any rules or etiquette violations. We can only address these situations and limit the violations if they are brought to our attention on site.

  • Cell phones - Turn off or place on vibrate all cellular phones while on the golf course.

  • Spectators are allowed to carry food, water, umbrellas, jackets, towels, etc. for the players.

    The Front 9Tour has been created for JUNIOR GOLFERS, not spectators. Parental or spectator interference may result in penalties or disqualification of the players. It is the player’s responsibility to keep spectators under control. Players are reminded of Rule 8-1 concerning advice and receiving assistance. Please read everything that we send to you. Many of the questions that we address during the season are easily answered by reading the Rules and information pages on the website. It takes dedication and trust in our programs for them to be successful. One of the goals of the Front 9Tour is to motivate and educate junior golfers on the values of honesty, integrity and sportsmanship. These values will stay with your children their entire lives. We appreciate your support of the Front 9Tour.


Player Policies

Rules of Play:

    The USGA Rules of Golf shall govern play. Supplemental Rules of Play will be provided (if needed) at each site. Carry your Rules Book with you at all times. If you observe a fellow-competitor doing something that might violate a Rule of Golf, you should inform them of their mistake Immediately. Otherwise, they may break more rules that will result in more severe penalties. Golf is a game in which we realize that the rules are made to protect the field. By calling a rules infraction you ensure that the competition is fair. Do not be afraid to call a rules infraction. YOU are not penalizing them; it is the Rules of Golf. If you are not comfortable informing your fellow-competitor of their violation, then you should inform a Front 9 Tour Tournament Coordinator as soon as possible and they will handle the situation.

    Pull Carts will be allowed for All Divisions.  Sky-Caddies and laser range finders devices will be allowed per USGA Rules; however our local rule will always supersede it: If an electronic device noticeably slows your pace of play or the site of the tournament does not allow them, you will not be allowed to use it. If you continue to use them during a round after being told you cannot, you will be disqualified.


Conduct Guidelines:

    The Front 9 Tour is committed to maintaining sportsmanship, etiquette, and the integrity of the game of golf. With this in mind, the following guidelines for conduct apply:

  • Any conduct detrimental to a player, his/her equipment, the golf course, the host facility, etc., will not be tolerated.

  • No use of alcohol or tobacco products.

  • No drugs or weapons permitted. Police will be notified in the event of a violation.

  • No cell phones allowed during play.

  • No gambling.

  • No abusive language or profanity.

  • No temper tantrums or club throwing. Any misconduct may result in penalties, point reductions and/or disqualification without a refund.

    We reserve the right to refuse playing privileges to any current player or applicant whose conduct outside of the Junior Tour is determined to not be in the best interest of the game or the Front 9 Tour.


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